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Here you will find a list of what we offer:





Chatting To The Other Side

Come along and experience a Challenging session by one of our gifted clairvoyants at Our Well Being Centre, either in a group session or as a personal reading. Our clairvoyant connects loved ones who have passed, with those in the physical world. They receive personal information that helps to resolve and heal issues. In some instances when people are confused and lack direction, they channel messages of guidance. (top)

Crystal Healing

Crystals are powerful naturally occurring substances that have been used by ancient civilizations for healing and are renowned for their mystical energies. The growth in popularity of crystals in recent years simply reflects the necessary resurgence of that ancient way of knowing. Working with crystals stimulated the innate intelligence which we all possess and which breathes so much life and enjoyment into our everyday life. Crystals have electromagnetic power - or electric properties. This can intensify the human electromagnetic field - or aura - that we all have. They can help to clarify thoughts, channel energy and heal.. They can be a powerful and positive energy tool for working on the human mind, body and soul. Crystals can create emotional balance, enhance your intuition and creativity, and heal your body. (top)


Counselling provides people with the opportunity to talk about their thoughts and feelings in a place where you are not going to be judged. It allows individuals to figure out problematic areas within their lives and get in touch with what they are truly passionate about. Effective counselling enables people to live the life they deserve and want; not the life other people think they should have. Counselling equips people to live a more authentic and real life. It helps to develop new skills and tools for living in order. (top)

Ear Candling

Is an age old remedy that has been recently revived. Ear candling may assist with symptomatic relief of: Sinus problems, earache, swimmers ear, headaches, tinnitus, allergies, pressure in ears, forehead to sinuses. May also help relieve pressure before and after flying and diving. Relieves symptoms of stress and anxiety to achieve relaxation. (top)



     • Relaxation – Therapeutic – Remedial – Trigger Point  

The benefits of Massage Therapy are endless. Massage has profound effects on the health of the person being massaged. It improves circulation, relieves muscular pain and tension headaches, it increases joint movement and restores function to injured muscles, tendons and ligaments, it aids digestion and by stimulating the lymphatic system, it speeds up the elimination of waste products. These direct benefits, combined with the psychological benefits of feeling cared for, produce a feeling of well being that cannot be matched by modern drugs. Used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, massage will improve vitality and general well being. (top)

     • Pregnancy Massage 

This is a tailored massage to suit the individual’s needs. A specially designed massage tabletop is available so that a woman can lie on her abdomen and be massaged. A REAL TREAT, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. (top)


Meditation Guided

The Seahorse is currently offering classes in Guided Meditation. In these groups you will learn principles and practice to enable you to begin to address your life and issues in it. Come along and develop personal empowerment, leading to enlightenment. (top)



The word REIKI- pronounced " RAY - KEE" IS Japanese, and translated means 'soul power". Reiki is Universal Life Energy. Reiki energy is transmitted through the hands, flowing through the practitioner to the client. .Reiki can be beneficial to a person in any condition - whether suffering from illness or injury, experiencing depletion of physical energy or mental confusion, or indeed feeling entirely normal. If you are sick, it can help restore you to normal, if you are normal, it can give you new dimensions of well-being. The Client does not have to believe in the healing in order for it to work - it's very subtle and gentle. The Reiki Practitioner does not attempt to diagnose or prescribe. No disrobing is required, just the removal of shoes. Reiki has been called "the healing energy of love and forgiveness". (top)