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Sharon Shelley

Sharon is a powerful crystal healer, teacher and shamanic intuitive. Her work is guided by the crystal kingdom and her deep connection to totemism, she works intuitively and is guided by lifetimes of deep healing wisdom. Sharon owns a thriving spiritual business and shop in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria and facilitates her healing work from this space. She holds the academy's accredited diploma in crystal awakening as well as being an accredited teacher for the academy and is also a reiki master.


 Kathy Stephenson

Has been working as a professional medium for the past ten years or so bringing much joy, relief and peace to many people who are open to hearing the messages bought to them via Kathy from our departed loved ones. 
You have the opportunity to experience this down to earth lady who has chosen to share her gift of insight into heaven and be a messenger for our loved ones who are no longer with us in the physical body. To witness Kathy’s very unassuming ordinary style of bringing love, peace and closure to those of us who have lost loved ones is a true blessing and definitely something for those who feel guided or even slightly curious to venture out and spend some time with this amazing lady! 


 Yvette Doudle - Interstate Practitioner

A little information about Yvette Doudle:
Yvette is a gifted and passionate healer and teacher with a divine love and passion for supporting others on their journey of expansion and self-awareness. She assists those wishing to embrace all aspects of who they are encouraging them to grow in self-love and acceptance as they gain a deeper understanding of themselves and all that exists around them.

Yvette has been working in the healing industry for over 10 years and is a powerful visionary healer and teacher of the Sacred Mysteries of the Soul. She has a deep love and connection to Goddess and has been on her own journey of healing and transformation rediscovering her own Sacred self for many years.

Yvette is highly experienced as a Past life therapist and soul healer, specializing in karmic release, soul retrieval and past life healing. She has a deep soul connection to the devic realms where she receives guidance and healing wisdom that is utilized within her healing work through the use of ancient and sacred healing oils. She feels divinely blessed to be able to guide others on their path assisting them in deepening their connection to their Sacred self and sharing the gifts to unlocking their own sacred soul mysteries.

Yvette also conducts sacred healing rituals and sessions personalized to support individuals, couples and groups in deepening their connection to their sacred self which includes ritual, meditation, Kundalini Goddess yoga, breath work and healing. Yvette is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher



Zoe Stevanov


Zoe is a Remedial Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner. She uses a range of Remedial and Sports Massage techniques as well as Myofascial Cupping, Relaxation Massage and Reiki Sessions to address all your needs, mind, body and soul.

Zoe is a dedicated wellness professional with a passion for holistic health. She treats all her clients with their physical, emotional and spiritual health needs in mind and caters all treatments to each individual. She aims not only to treat clients but also to educate them about their body and what they can do to improve their quality of life.

Go to Zoe’s Facebook Page* to read more about what she has to offer, see testimonials from clients and to keep up to date with deals and discount opportunities.

Contact info:
Phone - 0424 163 392 
Facebook Message - *Revive Remedial Massage and Alternative Therapies



Kelly McGivern

Kelly McGivern is Sacred Sistah, a psychic medium, an intuitive healer and teacher assisting you to look within to heal painful emotions and transform to a place of deep inner healing. She uses a variety of modalities including crystal healing, shamanic healing and psychic and mediumship readings. She connects with Spirit to bring through healing messages that provide guidance and answers and holds you in a loving and safe space so that you yourself can heal what needs to be healed.

Kelly is an accredited teacher with the Academy of Crystal Awakening and holds regular workshops teaching Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Crystal Awakening.


Troy McFaul


Troy McFaul is a Melbourne based spiritualist who's services include energy Card Reading, Fuè Breathwork Body Movement & Guided Meditations. Besides the spiritual work , Troy is also an Author , Life Defense trainer &


Motivational Speaker. From being a bullied child throughout his school life.. to joining a street gang.. to turning his life around for the good to help his community and others..Troy is proof that you can overcome the bad to do good in society. Troy's purpose is to help others find their power within & become their greatest version!


Terri H Forest

Terri is an energy healer/practitioner & intuitive no nonsense or fluff tarot reader working with high vibration energies to explore your needs.  She works with you using a range of techniques to help you reconnect and maintain this, with your inner divine self & provide insight into many areas of your life & being.  Centered around identifying your personal empowerment she supports & guides you to reconnect with your own inner ancient wisdom.

Terri also runs workshops including working with intuitive essential oils & sprays, working with Elemental Dragon energies, Creating Your Own Spell Bottles, Candles & Boxes & much more.

Over the last two decades with an increasing connection to the energetic realms, Terri has developed skills using many techniques including crystals, Shamanic methods, meditation, aromatherapy & more, to help you on your spiritual path & offer you renewed spiritual health & wellness.