Multi Stone Pendant

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925 silver multi stone pendant with Gold Tiger eye, Gold Rutilated Quartz and Citrine

Approx; 6cm drop including bevel, 2cm wide

Tiger's Eye: Courage, Will Power, Psychic Ability A powerful stone that combines Tiger's Eye, Jasper, and Hematite. It grounds, protects, and promotes vitality and endurance. It counter-acts emotional or physical exhaustion. It promotes creative solutions that are pragmatic and simple.

Citrine is solidified sunshine! It emits a solar ray of joy, expansive and potent. It connects your center of will with the Divine, allowing you to use your personal power, mental focus and creative ideas to create a beautiful life. Citrine brings clarity, positivity and joyous transformation. Where you have indecisiveness, fogginess or uncertainty, Citrine can be used to become clear as to which direction to follow. Some keep a piece of Citrine in their wallets to bring a constant flow of money into it.

All the properties of Rutile and Clear Quartz, plus: Rutile intensifies the properties of the stone it resides in – and so does Clear Quartz! The combination is used to ease transitions, provide strength in love, and nurture growth on all levels. It is a guide to the root cause of all issues and it also repels heavy energies that might bog you down. This makes piece an exceptional personal healing and self-growth companion!

The meanings on this page are a guideline only, each person will have different results working with different gemstones.

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